Wisps of Life Escape

Wisps of life escape

Through jaws clenched tight against a deep’ning stream

Of longheld notions,

Too entrenched for daylight to evaporate,

Toward spaces drawn

Behind the clouds where there resides a lasting dream

Of sparrows blown away,

Off course, lost lonesome along waves of time,

But singing as before,

Beyond the reach of self-inflicted lies

(Those tiny falsehoods

That cut often into barren, aching fate)

And fleeting thoughts of

Desp’rate times, glimpsed black between the rustling reeds.


One thought on “Wisps of Life Escape

  1. I enjoy your poetry so much. (And I would never just say that.) Your words in this one are quite evocative; it feels like a little space, wistful and filled with longing, bathed in restless winds, that one could live in for a while. It’s one of my favorites so far that you’ve shared.

    And yes, it reminds me a bit of my (admittedly biased) favorite of yours, so that doesn’t hurt, either.


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