Tall Neighbor

Just after the Dallas Mavericks win the 2011 NBA Championship, Mavericks center Tyson Chandler—a friendly, gregarious sort, large and good-natured—moves to the suburbs with his wife and three young children to live out his days in relative peace after a 10-year professional basketball career. Upon arriving at his new home in suburban Dallas, he learns, much to his surprise and delight, that his next-door neighbor is his former Mavericks coach, Rick Carlisle. Carlisle is whip-smart and hard-nosed, a good man, though an inveterate curmudgeon—very much Chandler’s opposite.

This is the premise of Tall Neighbor, a sadly underrated sitcom that ran for three, 10-episode seasons on the ABC Network in the early 2010s. Every Thursday night, a small but dedicated audience tuned in to see in what hilarious ways Tall Neighbor would irritate Grumpy Coach that week, before the two men retired to the Rec Room to parse out the ways in which their daily struggles compared to the court. In the end, it seems, basketball was simply preparation for life.


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